Lessons You Can Learn From Young Entrepreneur Todd Stephenson


We all know the fact that starting a business is not an easy thing, and it becomes even tougher to handle situations when you are new to the business world.

We met 26-year-old Todd Stephenson, who runs PupSocks business from past few years. Today Todd is in the top list of the top entrepreneur. He is becoming a big name with his business in America.

Todd started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age from his college days he used to do several things which helped him earn well in life, and with that savings, he started his PupSocks.

PupSocks is currently the biggest E-commerce site in America which provides unique Ties, Blankets and pairs of socks that are too printed. Product quality of Todd’s company is excellent, and because of his quality products and new concept, he is able to double his business in a few years’ time.

We like several things about him which we felt should be there in other entrepreneurs too.

Listen to all but do what is right: Being a young entrepreneur, Todd gets pieces of advice from many, but he does what is right for him in his business. According to Todd Stephenson, when you take too many pieces of information can confuse you in life, so do what you have a plan for in life. Even if you make a mistake, it will teach you and mistakes are the best teachers.

Please don’t waste money on unwanted things: It is essential to take care of bank balance and think twice before investing in luxurious things. When you spend money on extravagant things, it can put you in trouble when you need the money in life for business. So think twice while spending money in the starting phase of life.

Please choose the right people in life: For an entrepreneur, it is essential to have optimistic people around because it helps you a lot in business. Negative people can demoralise when you change gear in life.

Live simple life: Sometimes, success in life can mislead you to the wrong side, and it can even change your way of life and attitude. The person who remains the same even after gaining success gets more fame and relationships with his growth.

Create your own Identity: Most crucial thing Todd says is to create your identity don’t copy others. If you are good enough people, love you and you and you will have a good response from the market. But when you copy someone means you will never gain a big name in the market. So in business, it is necessary to create a unique identity to make a name in the market.

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