LG dealing with Pro Display XDR successor and 2 other high-end monitors, purportedly for Apple

LG is purportedly developing a threesome of new displays dependent on the current Pro Display XDR and iMac display sizes, with a leaker guaranteeing that they could be future Apple-branded monitors.

As indicated by leaker @dylandkt, LG is making a display dependent on the specifications of the 24-inch iMac, one more display dependent on a forthcoming 27-inch iMac, and a third 32-inch display that could don a custom chip — potentially released as a successor to the Pro Display XDR.

Dylan says that the three displays are as of now housed in unbranded enclosures. In any case, the leaker added that it “can be assumed at the very least” that the 32-inch display could be Apple-branded.

The 32-inch display and the 27-inch display both appear to support mini-LED display technology and a 120Hz variable refresh rate, the leaker added.

Bits of hearsay have recommended in the past that Apple could be anticipating releasing a first-party external display or computer monitor less expensive than the Pro Display XDR. Talk from a display analyst prior in December likewise anticipated that another 27-inch iMac with an Apple Silicon chip could display up sooner than expected 2022.

While @dylandkt has a relatively short track record of Apple rumors, the designer has correctly predicted upcoming Apple plans and features before — including the inclusion of an M1 chip in the iPad Pro and the redesigned webcams on the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.