LG’s first QNED Mini LED TVs set to launch in Australia this July


Despite the fact that it actually believes OLED to be the zenith of TV technology until further notice, LG has declared that its new QNED Mini LED TV tech will make its Australian presentation this July.

Three QNED Mini LED models will be accessible to buy from leading Australian retailers, beginning with the QNED91 4K, followed by the QNED96 8K and the QNED99 8K.

QNED is a totally new category for LG, in that it joins LG’s LCD NanoCell colour filtering with quantum dot colour and all-new Mini LED backlight technology to deliver exceptional blacks, vibrant colours and higher levels of brightness.

It’s important that Mini LED technology is as yet dependent on traditional LCD LED display tech – that makes it more moderate than LG’s OLED range, which utilizes self-lighting pixels.

Not at all like traditional LED backlights, Mini LEDs are tiny, considering TVs with a huge number of diminishing zones, instead of hundreds. The outcome is more noteworthy lighting accuracy, less light bleed and close OLED contrast levels.

Starting off the range is LG’s QNED91 4K, which will be accessible in 65-inch (AU$4,799), 75-inch (AU$5,999) and 86-inch (AU$8,399) versions.

That is followed by the QNED96 8K, launching in 65-inch (AU$5,399) and 75-inch (AU$6,599) options, and the QNED99 8K, which is coming in 65 inches (AU$5,999), 75 inches (AU$7,799) and 86 inches (AU$10,799).

LG’s QNED Mini LED TVs will join its current 2021 Aussie lineup, which incorporates new OLED models in the C1, Z1 and G1 ranges.

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