Li1.lean works with Minnesota community to spread health awareness due to COVID-19

Li1.lean has been working with the community to enforce health awareness on COVID-19.

With the power of social media he keeps his community informed and aware of the situation.

Li1. Lean stated “It’s never been more important to support each other. We are making sure as a community we stay united and informed on preventing any more spread of virus Thru the power of social media.”

Gabriel Montes, best known by his stage name Li1.lean, is a Latin, English musician, singer, songwriter and producer. His name emerged due to his popularity among the Latino community and social networks with his diverse music.

He creates songs with both languages to experiment with two cultures and erase any border between them.

Where to Find li1. Lean

Instagram : li1.lean

YouTube: Lil Lean TV

SoundCloud: Li1.lean