Lux Algo Makes Technical Analysis Even Smarter with its Trading Toolkits


The trading market is abuzz – from stocks to forex, investors are always on the hunt for interesting new channels to make money. As proof, retail investing and trading have witnessed a meteoric rise within the last few years. But even with all this buzz around it, the tools investors could leverage were severely lacking. That’s where the cutting-edge Lux Algo tool comes in.

Founded in April 2020 by the technical powerhouses – Sean Mack & Alexander Friend, Lux Algo was built to break the market. Ever since its launch, it has been clear that this tool is the definition of luxury software. Designed to make trading smarter, the Lux Algo offers sophisticated features of technical analysis and data presentation. There are a plethora of ways for which traders can use the Lux Algo toolkits – scalping, swing trading, trading options, and so on.

But these weren’t the only factors that set this next-gen software apart. When the users of TradingView, the world’s leading charting platform used by over 30 million traders and investors, needed more powerful tools to make informed decisions, Lux Algo stepped in.

The thrill of using Lux Algo comes easily and fast. The tools it provides are fully customizable. So, unlike other means, you don’t have to fit into boxes designed by amateur developers and investors. Lux Algo’s tools are so cleverly designed that they can fit any style of discretionary trading.

When it comes to trading, data analysis is everything. If one falls short on that, their investments can quickly fall apart. While most people break their backs with hours of manual research work, Lux Algo presents the same data – within seconds! Using detailed visualizations on TradingView, the tool empowers investors and traders. Additionally, it offers robust data indicators with real-time notifications sent to users.

“At Lux Algo, we know your time is invaluable, so we have developed a tool that helps you make the most of it,” says the Boston-based entrepreneur Sean Mack. When timely tips and tricks are needed to get ahead, users of Lux Algo turn only to the Lux Algo Discord Community. Fun fact: Lux Algo is the only official Discord Partner in the technical analysis industry. With 50,000 users and counting, the community is always abuzz with proven advice from fellow investors.

Lux Algo has generated $10 million in revenue and has built up a customer base of over 35,000 users, proving its sheer prowess in the fintech world in less than two years.

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