macOS Monterey is currently accessible, here’s the reason you should update


After four months of beta testing, Apple has officially released macOS 12 Monterey to the overall population. This update brings a refined macOS Big Sur experience, and surprisingly however the fundamental feature of this version, Universal Control, is still not even close to launching, there are a few new features worth difficult.

Here’s everything new with macOS Monterey that should make you want to update your Mac now.

Live Text feature is here

One of the best features accessible with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 has likewise shown up for macOS Monterey clients. Live Text function enables clients to connect with text in photos, such as copy and paste, lookup, and translate.

During the beta testing period, this feature was just accessible for M1 Macs, however at that point Apple additionally carried this function to Intel Macs also. It’s exceptionally helpful when attempting to copy text from a picture, and you can look further into it here.

AirPlay comes to Mac with macOS Monterey

With macOS Monterey, AirPlay leaves your Mac alone an AirPlay destination, so you can rapidly play content from your iPhone on your Mac’s display.

For the first time, the Mac can be used as a speaker for multiform audio, similarly as the HomePod can. AirPlay works both wirelessly and wired using USB. A wired connection is helpful when you want to guarantee that there’s no idleness or you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

SharePlay additionally accessible on Mac

While SharePlay got postponed with the original launch of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and tvOS 15, it figured out how to launch with macOS 12 Monterey and versions 15.1 of all the other operating systems.

Redesigned Safari on macOS Monterey… however not really

The greatest and most controversial feature on macOS Monterey is an redesigned Safari. Apple truly pushed this new look during the WWDC21 keynote, however as the betas passed by, the organization gradually began to bring back the standard Safari design.

When the organization released macOS Monterey, clients from macOS Big Sur will in any case track down a similar design they know about. Yet, it’s feasible to attempt the new look.

Shortcuts app on the Mac

Apple likewise added the Shortcuts app to the Mac. During the WWDC21 keynote, the organization called it “the future of automation on Mac,” as these are the first steps of a multi-year transition.

With Shortcuts, Apple is supplanting Automator in the coming years. The application on the Mac seems to be like Shortcuts on the iPad. You can assemble new shortcuts, access existing shortcuts, and more. The Shortcuts application on the Mac likewise incorporates with Spotlight, shows up in Finder, supports multitasking, and increments with the Menu bar, and you can look further into it here.


There are as yet a lot more features waiting for clients with macOS Monterey. The operating system likewise has a few things that got deferred, like Universal Control.

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