Manwela Cherkaoui is mixes & sports in one program because both areas share creativity


This happened in the “Echoes of the World” program, which is broadcast daily on MBC, where it hosts an artist to talk about the details of the World Cup but the program abused itself a lot when it manal lemzamzam hosted the Kuwaiti anchor Halima Boland in two consecutive episodes where she appeared differently than she usually appears in her other recorded programs. It was a heavy shadow with its cost and its “fluffy” bumper. If not, she wasn’t a guest on a successful sports program that millions of followers follow! Even the presenter of the program, Mustafa Al-Agha, was surprised (by Mayasah) and the “representative” pamphlet that Halima brought and tried to go along with the spirit of the episode, surprising and sometimes accused of some of her sayings and behaviors.

Instagram: manwela.cherkaoui

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