Martin Cahill Introduces X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater from Wireless Pacific industry


It’s no news that dynamism is the constant in today’s world therefore it is with great ado that the world greets the latest incarnation of the highly successful X10DR ® long range remote speaker microphones, a product of the Wireless Pacific industry headed by Martin Cahill.

The X10DR garners a lot of accolades because where similar so called long range wireless remote speaker microphones have failed to solve the problem of distance it has been highly successful. Similar in function to a mobile vehicle repeater, the X10DR transfers all radio traffic from the attached host mobile two-way radio to the remote users as they move farther away from their vehicles. The user is able to communicate with their vehicles from a distance of 500 meters or more.

Owing to the uniqueness and efficiency of this system an interview was scheduled with Martin Cahill, CEO of the Wireless Pacific industry and also the inventor of the X10DR out of vehicle communications solution. Martin has been deeply involved with the two-way radio industry for over 45 years and together with David Cox are the original founders of the Australia Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) which represents all radio communication interests to the Australian government.

At the interview with Cahill, light was further shed on the X10DR out of vehicle communications system through some of the questions asked by the interviewer. Below is one of these questions:

“Where did the idea for the X10DR originate? Also, I would like to know what advantage it possesses over other similar products like the Digital and the Standard Mobile Vehicle Repeaters that are its competition.”

He replied passionately,

“We have come with the solution to age-long problems, we have come with simplicity, we have come to tackle problems that have been bypassed in the radio industry. For over 70 years since the mobile two-way radio has been invented, there has always been the problem of difficult communication once you are out of hearing distance of the vehicle. Different manufacturers have bypassed this problem and not solved it for years. Different alternatives like portable radios were never going to be a financial reality in systems requiring high power mobiles to communicate. X10DR has come with a vehicle communication that allows the user at a distance of 500 meters and more from their vehicle to still communicate back into the host mobile radio network. A distance further than many would walk away from the vehicle. Our users commend us because of our trademark which is Powerfully Simple. This simplicity of ours in tackling age long problem of long distance communication between our user and their two way radio. This has gathered us tens of thousands of satisfied radio users and has made us the industry’s standard.”

We also asked him to give us reasons why users will choose X10DR?

He replied clearly,

“There are special situations where radio users have to walk and work miles from their vehicles, an example is in case of parks and forests workers who have to walk and work far into the wilderness without their vehicles. Its obvious the at X10DR is not the right solution for those workers. However for 98 % of the remaining mobile radio workforce, the furthest they will choose to walk from their vehicle is 300-400meters maximum before moving their vehicle. That’s where X10DR fits perfectly. The right tool for the right job as they say”.

He concluded by saying,

“X10DR is a proven solution to these problem thereby delivering realistic long range performance”

X10DR is available from distributors and professional radio dealers throughout the nation and on-line at the X10DR Global Store (www.x10drglobalstore com). Further information may be found at

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