Masters Week shows signs of improvement: Topgolf is supposedly coming to Augusta

For those fortunate enough to land tickets and make the trek to Augusta, Masters Week just improved. Topgolf is coming to town.

As indicated by Augusta’s CBS partner, News 12, plans from a Topgolf engineer have been submitted to the city, and the photograph will no uncertainty have golf fans in Northeast Georgia salivating. Take a gander at those neon lights!

Topgolf driving extents have detonated in prominence. As indicated by its site, Topgolf now has 64 areas around the U.S., the UK and Australia. (It was really established in 2000 only outside of London by twin siblings.) Topgolf claims that the greater part of its visitors depict themselves as non-golfers – yet it says here that the proportion of golf devotees will be higher at the Augusta shop.

The best piece of the nearby news story is the person who depicts Topgolf as “putt-putt on steroids.” Putt-putt? Topgolf highlights atmosphere controlled hitting narrows, nourishment and beverages and level screen TVs, in addition to groups, competitions and corporate occasions. They’re gigantic, and they’re an impact.

What’s more, Augusta is obviously one of America’s golfiest urban areas, particularly during the second seven day stretch of April. (Indeed, even the town’s small time baseball crew is nicknamed, the “Green Jackets.”) It’s a characteristic spot for extension.

The expense of the undertaking was not known, however a fast sweep of a conspicuous diversifying site pegs the expense of another Topgolf at somewhere in the range of $15 million (Austin, Texas) as far as possible up to $50 million (Las Vegas). The timetable for finishing the Augusta venture was not yet known, however the area will allegedly be along Riverwatch Parkway and I-20, close to the city’s solitary Costco. That spot is just a few miles from Augusta National’s fundamental doors, so fans who spill out of the competition hoping to take a few swings will have another outlet.

The Masters can’t arrive soon enough.