Meet the real coach Cornel Herold, teaching people to make money with apps without any coding knowledge.

At 18 years, this entrepreneur and coach from Hungary have spellbound people with his robust ‘App Formula Masterclass’.

Of all the things that have achieved maximum attention today, the rise of the digital space and the emergence of teenager entrepreneurs have made the most headlines. This is definitely a great sight to behold, looking at how youngsters are working hard on their aspirations and taking their dreams seriously to bring them to fruition. This very attitude of putting in every possible effort and making each day count has given wings to these young talents and have helped them create their unique niche in their respective fields. Cornel Herold stands tall as one of the best examples of such talented teenager entrepreneurs in the world, proving that age is just a number and determined individuals can go ahead in creating milestones in their chosen industries.

The app industry is amongst those that have seen staggering growth, especially from the past few years, with the surge of the digital space. People more than ever are now dependent on digital applications almost for everything in their daily lives, which has risen many new app entrepreneurs globally, amongst which Cornel Herold stands at the forefront as perhaps the youngest app entrepreneur and coach in Hungary.

Interestingly, this young Hungarian lad has earned more than 1 million dollars already with the 5 apps that he created within the span of a year. Yes, you heard that right. Making it huge on Google Play and Apple Store, these apps have garnered much attention and recognition. Now, Cornel Herold has found his peace in teaching other youngsters like him to do the same and achieve the same or perhaps more success in a shorter period with his unique mentorship program, The App Formula Masterclass, and all this without them having to learn any kind of coding.

Starting his entrepreneurial journey at only 14 years with being in varied business niches and transitioning from there into the app world only seemed the best choice for him, after realizing the immense opportunities and growth the app industry offered, which will only multiply in the coming years. Highlighting the same, the teenager coach and entrepreneur says, “Apps are the next big hit in 2021; it’s time for people to realize.”

Today, he makes 7 figures annually and credits his consistency, passion, willingness to fail, and connecting with like-minded people for the success he has achieved in his career. Cornel Herold wants to be known as the real coach, teaching people how to make money with apps without any coding knowledge.

To find out more, do follow him on Instagram @cornelherold or visit the website.

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