Microsoft Teams usage leaps to 145 million daily active users

Microsoft currently has 145 million individuals utilizing its Microsoft Teams communications application. This is another expansion of 26% since Microsoft uncovered Teams usage had hopped during the pandemic to 115 million daily active users in October 2020. Use of Teams has spiked over the previous year, with businesses proceeding to rush to services like Teams, Slack, and Zoom.

To place the 145 million figure in perspective, toward the start of the pandemic, Microsoft had around 32 million daily active users of Microsoft Teams. That leaped to 75 million surprisingly fast, and these numbers have more than doubled since even the beginning of the pandemic.

It’s a noteworthy measure of development, similarly as Microsoft has been forcefully pushing organizations to move to the cloud and receive Teams over the previous year.

As usual, it’s hard to contrast with rival services. Google and Zoom don’t uncover daily active users and pick a more obscure daily active users. This implies a solitary client could be checked on various occasions in the event that they take an interest in various gatherings during a day.

Zoom uncovered it had 300 million daily active users a year ago, and Google said a year ago it had 100 million daily active users. Slack uncovered it had 12.5 million simultaneous clients during the start of the pandemic a year ago, yet the organization has avoided day by daily active users counts from that point forward.

Microsoft’s hazardous Teams development may clarify why the assistance experiences experienced difficulties this year. Groups went down worldwide for some clients for two hours toward the beginning of today, after a comparable blackout recently and network gives a month ago.

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