Mohd J Asfour: A true Entrepreneur who doesn’t believe in quitting

They say “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”This is a success story of the youngest Jordanian Millionaire the founder of LR Miami, Mohd Asfour With a net worth of $ 2.4 Million ,Asfour is riding LR Miami’s success being a dominant ride-sharing company in America and overseas. 

With a dual degree of Engineering in Electrical Power and Energy from (PSUT) and the Post graduation degree of MBA from states Asfour is the man behind the success of LR Miami to complete millions of exotic car rides across the globe.

Successful startup entrepreneurs are often pronounced as Super-Heros , but the fact is they are all regular people like you and me.

Well, I guess not exactly like you and me…………… they all are winners. A successful l entrepreneur demands to be good at forging ahead into unchartered territory or blazing their own trial attempts where there won’t be any career guide, map, flow chart or counsellor.

Belonging from a very nominal background Asfour after completion of his graduation degree in 2018 worked as an electrical engineer at Saudi Arabia Riyadh and then moved on to a building project named “Al-Nakheel Mall” with the existing company. 

In December 2019 he was rewarded with an MBA degree but during the ongoing process of his MBA he also started a pet service on Instagram named “Woof Woof Services“

Having no single penny in his pocket but with a sky high dream and exorbitant car’s passion he successfully raised to $ 2.4 million company in a short span. 

In December 2019 LR Miami came into existence with just one car but now a large garage is embellished with 21 exotic cars to serve the company. The icing on the cake was when LR Miami got viral when Asfour started advertising for companies like Kenzu streetwear and Bangenergy.

Asfour is an inspiration to many aspiring youngsters who dream to become rich from rage. He is the one who values technology and uses it efficiently to take his business to skyscraping heights. 

He is well known for his car passion and this utmost passion for cars is making him renowned in the entire world when the world is dwelled in lock down by trending online through LR Miami.

Due to the exceptional bizarre style of living of an entrepreneur,so many are fueled by the promising wild riches of Asfour, still a bitter fact that suits all successful man is that their exhilarating, motivational inspirational success stories can never ever achromatism the unbearable overcoming adversity of their life.