Mozilla releases study into the Facebook information collection

Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox browser, is banding together with the nonprofit newsroom The Markup to launch a study that will examine how Facebook tracks information for designated promotions and to tailor content suggestions for clients.

The study will use tools given by Rally, a privacy-focused data sharing platform made by Mozilla in June, Mozilla declared Monday.

Firefox clients can select into the “Facebook Pixel Hunt” study through Rally. The study will gather the information shipped off Facebook pixels as clients peruse, the URLs of the website pages clients peruse, the time clients spend perusing pages and the presence of Facebook login treats in clients’ browsers.

Mozilla said the study plans to uncover questions including what sort of information Facebook pixels gather, which locales share the information, what the information can uncover about individuals and what ways Facebook tracks individuals.

The Markup will utilize the information gathered in the study for analytical reporting around the kind of data Facebook gathers about clients.

The study will run until July 13.

Mozilla said that the study won’t impart granulated estimations about members to outsiders. Furthermore, after the examination is finished, Mozilla said it will erase crude information.

The Markup will likewise just utilize amassed and anonymized information in its announcing.