Mystery feature from a NEW upcoming song from Ohdes


Recently the Dutch upcoming producer Ohdes (Georgio Boerenbrink) posted a mystery photo on his instagram page (@ohdesmusic) and on his other social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud and other. People are wondering what this could be as Ohdes hasn’t made any statement to the public about this. Does this has to do with his new videoclip? Or is it a new song? Or is it just a photo? We had a DM conversation with him and he said that it has to do with a new release of him with a mystery feature.

Ohdes has told us that he has removed all of his previous songs except Bongo because he did not think the songs where complete. And so he decided to begin a fresh start with new songs that have much more quality, have unique amazing sounding vocalists and are better and professionaly mixed and mastered.

Ohdes also told us that he wanted to make a more different but also similar kind of music that he has done in the past. At first he only made Dance and Electronic type of music. He still wants to keep the party vibe in his new songs but he wanted to make more Pop kind of songs. So there is a big chance that this new song with a mystery feature could be a NEW POP HIT!

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