NFL changes 2021 exploring join format as a result of COVID-19 pandemic

The NFL’s coaches, scouts and personnel executives won’t descend on Indianapolis in February for the yearly exploring join, as the league has modified the event to manage the Covid pandemic.

The join, which has been held in Indianapolis since 1987, will be altered due to COVID-19 precautions. In a memo got by ESPN that was sent Monday to team executives, athletic trainers, team physicians and head coaches, the NFL sketched out the format during the current year’s run-up to the draft.

Regularly, around 330 of the draft’s top possibilities are welcome to the consolidate every year, an event whose official name is the National Invitational Camp.

The possibilities are gotten through on-field exercises, a battery of psychological testing, in-person interviews with singular teams and a broad medical test.

This year, all on-field exercises will be led at on-campus pro days, and Monday’s memo outlines that the league will attempt to have however much consistency in the on-field drills as could reasonably be expected to enable teams to contrast the exercises from one site with another. The memo doesn’t explicitly outline what COVID-19 precautions will be set up at the on-campus pro days however shows that more insights concerning how team personnel are to go to the pro days will come sometime in the not too distant future.

All interviews between the prospects and team authorities will be directed virtually, as will the psychological testing. The memo said the schedule for interviews will be coordinated by the staff at the NIC.

The medical tests, generally, are required to be led in a combination of virtual interviews between players and each team’s medical staffs, to go with exams done at medical facilities close to the prospect’s home campus.

A select number of prospects, the update stated, will be approached to go to at least one assigned sites for a more comprehensive exam — “likely in early April,” as per the memo – that can be gone to by one doctor and one athletic trainer from each team.

Those in-person exams are required to be directed over a two- or three-day period. The memo said more particulars will be shipped off teams in the weeks to come.