Nissan and Apple discuss building autonomous car finished after a difference in branding

Apple Inc moved toward Japan’s Nissan Motor Co Ltd lately about a tie-up for its autonomous car project, however the discussions finished after a disagreement over branding, the Financial Times revealed.

The contact was brief and the conversations didn’t progress to senior management level, the report added, refering to individuals advised on the matter.

The discussions faltered after the iPhone creator asked that Nissan make Apple-branded cars, a demand seen as successfully making the automaker simply a hardware provider, the newspaper revealed.

Agents for Nissan and Apple were not quickly accessible for comment.

Reuters announced in December that Apple was pushing ahead with autonomous car technology and planned to create a traveler vehicle that could incorporate its own breakthrough battery technology as early as 2024.

Information on the methodology goes ahead the impact points of Hyundai Motor Co’s declaration that it is not, at this point in talks with Apple on autonomous electric cars, simply a month after it affirmed early-stage chats with the tech giant.

Apple and Hyundai had first begun discusses a car partnership in 2018, an individual acquainted with the matter has said however progress was hampered by the South Korean automaker’s reticence towards working with outside organizations.

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