NUMANS, the name of the moment in the NFT world

Today we met one of the founders of the mysterious NUMANS NFT project ( to find out the background: we tried to “open up” him on some more succulent aspects of the project. Here is what he told us:

“We are all very passionate and experts in the crypto and NFT world and we have been following this sector for a long time and one day we said to ourselves: -Why not create something of our own?-
From that moment the dances started and here we are.

We basically decided to create a collection with a long-term perspective: we therefore don’t want it to be an ephemeral project, but to last over time and to involve the community more and more, the true backbone behind every self-respecting project.

Regarding the community, we want to emphasize that our goal is to create a strong, selected and cohesive community that gives the right strength to the project.

In the following phases we will make it participate in the choices concerning the collection but even in this case, lips sealed, follow us and you will discover more and more.

Behind the project there is a super close-knit team of 7 people who have the ambition to create something different and innovative, giving the community the opportunity to shape some aspects of the project and the roadmap. Each member of the team has complementary skills and for this reason we are sure to be able to pull a slap-up project out of the hat.

As for the project itself, it is now in its first phase, we don’t want to say more. All I can add is that more details will be revealed soon.

You will hear a lot about Numans. Follow us and you will find out more: the best way to stay up to date on the collection and its events is definitely the Discord server ( or follow us on our Instagram and Twitter pages and take a look at our official website ( “