Pallu Gupta, The young leader of social servants

Now a days world is filled with war, quarrel, tention across border, people focus on themselves only Despite all this we have many human beings who still believes that social service is the best selfless service a person can do and one such young guy from meerut named Pallu Gupta (Shubham Gupta) is doing the things in the same way.
He is inspired by saheed bhagat singh and his sacrifice along with his contribution for the country at such a young age. So he also stared serving the society at young age of 16 “if u can’t feed a hundred people feed one “this quote fits best for the vision of Pallu gupta. He was just 16 year old when he started to feed needy people.

That moment he was lacking in resources, man power but he continued to do the social service and as the time goes on he felt the need of group and a team to serve for the needy people on a large scale so then he founded an ngo named “ANGRY YOUTH” which is now having more than 1000 volunteers who are doing social service with shubham matching shoulder to shoulder directly and indirectly.

Angry Youth has it’s headoffice in Meerut and branches in cities like kanpur, agra, Mujaffarpur, surat etc.

It is almost 10 years of his involvement in social services and a lot has been achieved by him during the period.

He has organised more than 400 social events like Food drives, Ration donation drives, clothes donation drives, awareness programs, plantation events, health care event.

During Corona pandemic he along with his team fed more than 1200 migrants workers and needy people on the daily basis. Many of the media houses and other social organisations have honoured him for his contribution towards society.

He is the founder as well as the National president of the Angry youth. Pallu gupta is an advocate by proffession and want to be an IPS officer to make sure his part in the justice of the victims.

There were many challenges have been faced by Pallu during the last 10 years and one of them is to convince people to get indulged in social services and the other challenge was monetary arrangements for the NGO in initial phase. Another challenge was to balance the studies and the social service at the same time.

The best thing he think he earned is the respect, happiness and honour he gets from his social services.

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