Personal Branding is for Everyone – Gaurav Gulati

We got a chance to chat with India’s No.1 Personal Branding Expert and Brand Engagement Consultant Gaurav Gulati. In his discussion with us he revealed quite fantastic things about personal branding and how the right branding can help the person to achieve desired goals.

Gaurav Gulati said, “Creating a personal brand is easy for people who carry out the right approach. However, for the ones who do not follow the right approach, creating a personal brand can be an intimidating, mythical task.”

He further added, “The most unnerving of all is to not know where to start from.” “Yeah, people when they do not know the right way to start, they often give up, which is not wise,”.

Further he said, “Anybody can brand himself/herself. Personal Branding is for everyone because your personal brand matters. All a person needs is to have the right approach so that a unique, engaging, and inviting personal brand can be created.”

When asked about what a person should do to be a powerful brand.

Gulati said, “Anybody who wishes to build a personal brand should be focused, genuine and consistent.” Moreover, he said that there is no problem in taking professional help if you really wish to stand out amidst your competition.

He further said, “In this era what matters the most is ‘How you brand yourself’, if you fail to do it, you actually fail to achieve your goals as well.”

Gaurav Gulati is an expert of personal branding and brand engagement. He has helped so many people, including celebrities, politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs to build a strong brand that stands out. If you also wish to build a personal brand, then contact Gaurav Gulati at, he can help you with all your needs!