Philadelphia 76ers Sixers uncover when they discovered Joel Embiid couldn’t go versus Utah Jazz

The Philadelphia 76ers as of now were confronting a difficult task when they needed to go into Salt Lake City and take on the Utah Jazz who have the best record in the NBA. They at that point discovered that they needed to fight without the assistance of their best player in Joel Embiid.

Coach Doc Rivers said in his pregame accessibility that he anticipated that the big fella should play and he didn’t know about any issues. Be that as it may, he was then a late scratch due to back tightness.

“I thought there was no issues with Joel,” said Rivers after the loss. “I thought he could play and then they came to me and told me his back is still stiff. I don’t think this is a long term issue or anything like that. It’s just a game missed.”

Ben Simmons, who stepped up and poured in a career-high 42 points, uncovered that the team got some answers concerning Embiid prior to tipoff. He was glad for the manner in which the group battled without him, however they actually need to figure out how to think of a success.

“Prior to the game, but it shouldn’t be a factor,” he stated. “We should always have the same mentality. Coming to compete and win no matter who’s on the floor. I’m proud of my guys tonight. I think everyone stepped up. A lot of people going through stuff, but we put the team first. Guys came out and played hard, played aggressive offensively and defensively and we stuck with it.”

The Sixers will presently at long last profit home and take for the Houston Rockets on Wednesday.