Pixel Launcher’s Google Discover feed currently utilizes Material You Dynamic Color

In June, Google updated Discover to be “more streamlined” by eliminating article portrayals and making other visual changes. On Android 12, the Google Discover feed to one side of the Pixel Launcher has added more Material You prospers.

On Android 12, Discover features a custom header where the Google logo is left-aligned — rather than centered, while the profile avatar is a lot bigger and the shortcut to launch Assistant Snapshot is close to it.

With the most recent Google application beta (12.32), Google is adding some Material You flourishes. Since the more extensive flourishes, the feed of articles has never reached out to the top of the screen. Maybe, it stops a decent 6th of the way down the screen. The rounded corners are presently apparent and featured by a themed header space.

It takes advantage Material You Dynamic Color to show a takes advantage, while the Google logo utilizes a darker shade. It’s considerably more interesting than having a single bright color for the whole screen’s background.

In the interim, on dark themes, a pure black background that differences with dim cards is utilized. Google does, in any case, quietly color its logo and the Snapshot icon.

This change is right now in the beta channel and exhibits how wallpaper based Dynamic Color is bleeding into more applications, however the Pixel Launcher Discover feed is mixed in with the system UI, consequently joining Quick Settings as another high-profile place clients will see Material You in real life.