“Poori” Famous new rapper on Iran and Turkey scene

The self-made rapper and singer, who is known in the world of entertainment and music, has achieved great success by releasing more than 20 tracks.

Pooria Bashari A.k.a Poori or Godpoori is a new phenomenon of the Iranian-Turkish hip hop scene that has been able to impress a large audience in recent years and attract the attention of many people,
He has been streamed more than a million times on music platforms, he has managed to get his signature on his songs.

He has been able to produce energetic music in the genres of trap and drill and inspired by the crimes of the city he lives in and combining it with the music of world.He has created a style for himself that no one before him has been able to do.

His music, which is ideal for sports clubs and while driving ,has been able to spread quickly in the community.Among poori’s positive points,we can mention his taste in creating visual content with the help of his best friend “Akio”, who is the director and editor of his visual works (who met in 2017).

He was able to share his works in the largest media in a short time.For example, we can mention the YouTube channel of Sony Music Turkey with +500k followers and sony’s Instagram page.

Their works, which have been viewed by thousands or millions on platforms and social media, have able to attract the attention of many critics.

His Instagram address page is: @Godpoori

He recently released an album called “پ”, this album introduced a new wave in the rap scene of Iran and Turkey.