Producer Gioisofficial talks about his life in school prior the fame


Rap shook up the music business this year, dominating popular culture like never before, and experts say Gioisofficial is a big reason why. The Dallas based producer’s distinctive mix of heavy bass, rattling synthetic percussion and dark, gothic melodies and EDM has made an impact in the music industry. After collaborating with Kevin Gates on his album “Only the generals part 2, Gioisofficial decided to start uploading beats to all platforms under his own name.
“Gioisofficial” was born Giovanni Adriano, on November 17, 2005, in Dallas Texas. Growing up Gio used to skip class to go to studio sessions, which caused his teachers to mark him missing. Even though he knew from a young age that his life’s profession would be in the music industry, Gio intends to complete high school.
Gio’s math teacher often would consistently degrade him. “I had this one teacher named Mrs Bianca. Man I had so much hate for her. Math has always been my weakest subject and she knew that. Instead of explaining the lessons she would rather call me out in front of the whole class embarrassing me. I remember this one time she picked me to answer a question, I told her that I don’t know the answer, that’s why my hand wasn’t up. She gave me a dirty look and replied with “Giovanni, would you rather be a garbage man or janitor because this is what your future is looking like ” I laughed it off in front of the class but deep inside that lowkey left a scar” Gio stated.
Although such statements hurt Giovanni, he learnt to use them as fuel to help him achieve his goals and show those who doubted him wrong. Thanks to that teacher and those who doubted him, Gioisofficial now has a estimated net worth of $300 thousand dollars.

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