Revolutionizing the travel industry is a renowned travel influencer, Rasmus Peter Kristensen with the help of his Instagram page “Resort”


Noting that technology has revolutionized the travel sector, Rasmus with his skills & passion has changed the face of the travelling landscape.

The revolution in the travel industry has come a long way and the technology has changed the face of the industry forever. Nowadays, the majority of the customers prefer online booking, due to simpler user interface, ease of transacting, and problem-solving interactions. Technology also produced talents like Rasmus Peter Kristensen, who has used his exquisite skills, and trustable opinion to encourage, inspire and influence other people to travel around the globe.

Rasmus is a travel influencer who feels alive when he travels; it is his oxygen. Rasmus travels across the globe with his wife and makes sure to visit offbeat, unknown locales to soak in its beauty and novelty. Rasmus also illustrates the effects of advanced technology in the travel sector:

– Growth of Internet Users: Slowly yet gradually, people have started gaining trust in mobile applications, and they have become a rage. Rasmus says that every travel agency or company must have an app to satiate the growing number of internet users. More and more people are coming online to get their travel solutions.

– The emergence of startups: With better technology, the IT industry witnessed a boom in revenue. This attracted small scale entrepreneurs who invested in digital marketing companies. Rapidly, the increase in the number of startups was a clear indication of technology driving change in the travel industry. Rasmus believes that newly-formed startups have changed the workings of the travel industry.

– Authentic experience: Rasmus points out that nowadays, travellers prefer ‘authentic’ experiences rather than the fixed itinerary of the primitive ways. People were given an option of a virtual tour of the room, the surroundings, the tourist destination spots, etc. This technology changed the belief in customers of having a good-old physical guide of the travel plans.

Rasmus has cultivated his passion for travelling into his profession and notes that the sector has changed rapidly in the last five years. With the emergence of social media, people now have started following travel influencers for knowing different travel locales. Rasmus also provides younger influencers to exhibit their journey or photos on his Instagram page called Resort. Rasmus Peter Kristensen with the correct use of technology, has revolutionized the travel industry.

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