Rock Band Weezer’s new music video is essentially a 4-minute Pixel 5 advertisement

Los Angeles rock band Weezer has a habit of releasing a lot of albums and a ton of music videos to advance those albums. Today, the group dropped its most recent video effort for the lead single off its new record. Named “All My Favorite Songs,” the track’s lyrics center on frontman Rivers Cuomo’s concurrent yearning to be social and reclusive.

Gracious better believe it, and the video is essentially one major advertisement for the Google Pixel 5.

All My Favorite Songs (on my Pixel phone)

Even though there’s no declaration in the video or on the video’s YouTube page, it’s probably Google helped fund the project. Not only do the band and whole cast use Pixel phones, but Cuomo even uses the “OK Google” hotword to begin recording a video of bandmate Brian Bell. It’s all in all too Google-heavy to not have been financially supported by the Big G.

In any case, the music video is fun and the song is very acceptable. The story centers on two adolescents who don’t have any acquaintance with one another yet associate on the internet. Notwithstanding, the internet is wizardry and takes into consideration the two to physically enter a similar space. The two at that point head to Weezer’s practice space where they discover the band distracted with their Google Pixel 5 cell phones. Seriously.

Ultimately, everybody is on their phones and the lead teen escapes back to his room. Everything isn’t lost, however, as he will add the girl he met as a companion via social media.

“All My Favorite Songs” shows up on Weezer’s fourteenth (!!!) album which is named OK Human. It lands on January 29.

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