Roman Shapovalov: The Perfect example of “Work Hard, Play Harder”

He is one of the finest examples who broke barriers and attained glory.

Roman’s family migrated to the US from Belarus when he was very young. Since his childhood, Roman had decided to work hard, and become independent. His life in the new country was all about sports initially. As a school-going kid, Roman loved to be on the field, he loved to play whichever sport he could lay his hands on. After graduating he continued his physical training by hitting the gym for three hours a day. It was during this time that his mindset and discipline settled down and became more driven. 

Since his childhood, Roman had wisdom beyond his years and was very different from the boys of his age. At a young age, Roman decided to become financially independent. To support himself, he took on whatever jobs he could find. One of his first jobs was painting houses in Sioux Falls. He juggled with work and school, despite the hard work he put in, Roman graduated early, at the tender age of fourteen! With that, he became the younger IT manager, and later, the youngest top automotive finance manager on East Coast. With many accomplishments, he did not find what he was looking for. Roman wanted to be his own boss, so he decided to test the real estate market. He had some friends who would help him out. However, he finds his wife, Olga, had the biggest role of support to play. 

From painting houses, Roman has gone on to become a very successful real estate investor. Despite gaining massive success, he has remained disciplined in his life, which has allowed him to further his entrepreneurial journey. Furthermore, he loves to spend time doing what he loves as well. Apart from being a clever investor, Roman has a great fashion sense. He loves luxury, and his work allows him to pursue every luxurious dream he has. Ever since his childhood, Roman wanted a business suit with golden buttons, and as a 26-year old, he not only has the suit but many other things he had only dreamed of as a child.

To know more about Roman follow him on Instagram @theromanq

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