Samsung releases the curve for its most recent Odyssey gaming monitors

Samsung has revealed its most recent batch of budget Odyssey gaming monitors including a flat, instead of a curved model that can do 4K at 144Hz. It also unveiled a QHD model with HDR10 support, alongside a pair of budget oriented 1080P displays.

Not at all like Samsung’s curvy G9 and G7 models, the Odyssey G7 28 (G70) has a flat panel and uses IPS as opposed to QLED tech. With HDMI 2.1 similarity, it can do 4K at up to 144Hz, which means it’ll support Sony’s PS5 and the Xbox Series X models at 4K 120Hz with room to save. It likewise delivers wide 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles, 1-millisecond response times and similarity with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and NVIDIA G-SYNC.

With IPS as opposed to QLED, it’s anything but close to as bright as the curved G7 and G9 models, yet delivers VESA HDR400 support with average and peak brightness levels of 350 and 400 nits, respectively, however only 8-bit color support. That should make it nice yet not amazing for entertainment chores.

The organization likewise divulged the G5 27 (G50A) a QHD (2,560 x 1,440) flat model with 165Hz refresh, a 1-millisecond response time and G-SYNC/FreeSync Premium compatibility. It’s additionally reasonably bright and color-accurate for an IPS monitor with 400 nits of peak brightness and 10-bit support, however it’s anything but VESA HDR400 viable. At last, Samsung uncovered a pair of 1080p models, the G3 27 and G3 24 (G30A) models with 144Hz refresh rates and a 1-millisecond refresh rate, alongside AMD FreeSync Premium compatibility.

The G3 models show up at Amazon on July 1st for $250 and $220 for the 27-and 24-inch models, respectively. Samsung still can’t seem to uncover pricing and availability for the new G7 and G5 models.