Self-made women can control the world, part of Astro Farsi Sally talk about success

Because women struggle to get their places, they do not waste much time talking about it. They get to work very quickly, check all the details and always think about how to do the right thing. Women are good performers. We only sit on a chair all day and talk about our insights, but that’s all. In all aspects of our lives, we try to be doers. Talking does not solve the problem.

I believe that all human beings have an instinctive voice that is as unique as their fingerprint. This is the best way to succeed if we can discover what we love and do it in the best way.

Let the energy in the world guide you.

I feel happy and alive when people handclap after my speech. I believe that all people are unique and each person has a special talent and can use this talent for their life. Most people discover their talents early in life. Let’s try to find these talents and pursue them.

If your actions create a legacy that encourages others to dream more, learn more, and do more, then you are a great leader.

There is a huge difference between a leader and a boss. The boss only gives orders and does not spend time getting to know his people and employees. These people do not think about helping others and they think more about themselves. Leaders, on the other hand, know the importance of those around them. People learn better with examples. Therefore, the examples that we show to others by our actions will play a great role in how they will proceed. If we want to be a great leader for others, we must make sure that our actions encourage others.

There is not much you can do if you are afraid.

Life changes based on the decisions we make. Ideally, when we make a bad decision, we can learn from our mistakes and do better next time. Unfortunately, when we make a bad decision, it often causes us to always be afraid of it. This will destroy our abilities. We cannot live in fear of our mistakes. We can all do our job well. If everything is planned properly, things will be done completely. Let’s not let fear dominated our whole lives. This is the only way to achieve success and strive for our goals.

Lastly, listening to the motivational statements of success expressed by the smart women around us can help us achieve great success.

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