Shaquille O’Neal a few tables on his pro wrestling debut

At the point when it was reported that 48-year-old Shaquille O’Neal would have been making his pro wrestling debut, it was natural to be in any event fairly skeptical that the match would be any good. Shaq experienced 20 physical seasons in the NBA and despite the fact that star wrestling is scripted, it’s as yet an exceptionally physical sport that wears and tears the body.

Up to the test, Shaq surpassed expectations as he and Jade Cargill defeated Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet in a high-sway mixed tag team match on AEW: Dynamite.

Shaq and Cody secured first and Shaq flaunted his strength right off the bat. While Cody had the wrestling ability, Shaq had size and that is the thing that made the matchup credible. Shaq tossed around Cody like a ragdoll and chopped him in the chest with the sort of sound you could hear all through Daily’s Place. Shaq even made a seat effort to the back and in the spot everybody will discuss, he and Cody several tables outside the ring.

Not to be eclipsed, Cargill and Velvet put on an act in their own right. With Shaq not being an AEW ordinary and Cody effectively a set up star, this was a stage for the two ladies, who are new to AEW, to sparkle. Furthermore, that is exactly what occurred after the table spot.

Velvet stood her ground yet Cargill was the star and at last, she won the counterpart for her and Shaq. Cargill is strong and athletic and given AEW hasn’t done the best with their women’s division, this match was an incredible launching pad for two women who can truly help make the division stronger.

All things considered, someone kind of want to see him wrestle once more. he most likely wouldn’t have said that before around evening time however he can stand his ground in the ring. Clearly, even without his Inside the NBA obligations, he wouldn’t need Shaq to wrestle each week. Be that as it may, if the circumstance works, and he has an adversary who can lead him through an extraordinary match, it very well may be ideal to have Shaq do one or two matches each year and be a fascination for PPV and ticket sales when we return to full fields.

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