Sherri Nourse shares the secret behind the success of today’s leading lifestyle brands

In today’s time, we cannot underestimate the power of social media. It has become essential for brands to create a digital footprint for maximum visibility, engagement, and market augmentation. One of the top 5 most influential branding experts, Sherri Nourse, reveals, “Social media has become a global marketplace that transcends boundaries. You can now reach customers across the world via an impressive brand presence online.”

Founder of Ambition Media, Nourse has helped her clients harness the power of social media to grow exponentially. She realized the influence social media had on consumer purchases when a tryst with trying to promote an FDA product did not yield the desired result. She says, “We had hired a big PR firm to represent the brand in New York and landed on the WSJ front page, but the sales did not skyrocket. That’s when we realized that with the advent of social media, consumer buying behavior has largely transformed. Consumers now turn to social media to find out about brands and make a purchase based on product reviews and brand positioning.”

Ambition Media is an elite digital and influencer marketing agency offering an impeccable 360-degree seamless experience. With innovative visual content production, curated marketing campaigns, and customized strategy services, the agency has succeeded in establishing a formidable online presence for its clientele that includes Fortune 500 and high profile brands such as Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Nike, Dom Perignon, Hennessy, and more. Today, the company has a network of over 50 accounts, 110 plus million followers, and over 300 million impressions.

Nourse’s passion also extends towards helping budding entrepreneurs by motivating them on their journey. Her Instagram profile @motivationmafia offers a unique dose of inspiration with motivational quotes and highly resourceful information from her interviews with interesting entrepreneurs and motivational speakers. The page has over two million followers and continues to grow every day.