SmartNote Makes Remote Working and Studying a More Enjoyable Experience

In the last few months, people have had to pivot their working and studying experience. Those who were able to, stopped commuting to work or school and started doing every task from home. This meant readjusting their professional lives as well as their living environment. Meetings were held through Zoom and deadlines were met online. To meet the new technological needs, several tech companies started creating new products in order to make this transition smoother for everyone. Joule–a company founded in 2019 by a computer science student–noticed these new needs and came up with a wonderful and extremely useful product: SmartNote.

This new product will be launched in late August. The Joule SmartNote was designed by students for students and professionals to have a portable all-in-one workspace. It is a compact and environmentally friendly solution for charging electronic devices, storing data, and writing notes. Users will be able to purchase this product from Joule’s official website for $79.99.

The SmartNote has four key features that make it the product you must buy to make your remote working or learning experience more enjoyable. What are these features?

  1. Wireless Charging: They made it seamless and ergonomic. It is embedded in the cover pocket so the user never forgets their charger again.
  2. USB Storage: SmartNote has a magnetic clasp which doubles as a USB storage. It offers an extra 16GB for when the user does not have any more storage room in the cloud. This is a smarter way to keep your device secure.
  3. Charging Hub: This device offers diversified charging with connections to sustain different electronic products. The user has the option for Lightning, USB C, and Micro USB.
  4. Reusable SmartPaper: This feature gives the user the option to go green by ditching the need to have multiple notebooks and eliminating paper waste. The SmartPaper is durable, reusable, and strong.

Because Joule knows you need to share your notes and keep everything stored in one place, SmartNote is compatible with their SmartPages Companion App. This app allows you to send notes everywhere in a secure manner, send pages to corresponding cloud services, identify marked glyph on each page, and store an unlimited amount of digital notebooks. It is highly recommendable to download this app and utilize it once you purchase your SmartNote. This way, you will be able to store every note and document you work on through the SmartPaper.

By creating a smart notebook with a charging hub, wireless charger, storage space, and cloud reusable paper, Joule thought about the users and the environment. This affordable option gives people the chance to have a better and more enjoyable remote working or studying experience while making sure we take care of the planet. The great characteristic about SmartNote is you will be able to bring it to the office or to school with you once things go back to normal. Joule created something resourceful and useful. Be on the lookout for their launch next month.