Avima iron metal

Avima Iron Ore Limited iron ore deposit in the Republic of Congo could have over 1 billion tonnes of the high grade direct shipping ore (DSO).

As per Socrates Vasiliades, its magnitude in both volume and grade makes a genuine world-class iron deposit. Mining conditions couldn’t be better as you have unlimited volumes of high grade iron ore from the surface that extends several hundred meters from surface and laterally extending endless Km’s.

Avima Iron ore’s H1 65% Fe, considered as an exceptional grade of iron ore, and there is strong demand among blast furnaces in Asia and Europe.

AVIMA’S plans to increase the production to more than 50 million tonnes per year. A dedicated railway requires a minimum of 3 years to construct. Kribi port is without draft restrictions and can load cape vessels. Avima Iron Ore has long standing storage arrangements with Kribi port. “As Kribi port being there today, it implies one less vast CAPEX spend is out of the way. It takes us closer to making a new iron ore supply hub in the country.”

Socrates Vasiliades said.

Avima’s iron ore quality is popular among steel mills. There are various favorable circumstances for steel mills using Avima H1 as a feedstock in the blast furnaces. Benefits are many such as lower energy necessities and less pollution into the environment.

Avima is focused on corporate and social projects and it will prepare the local population so they can subsequently participate directly in the improvement of their business.

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