Success story of young Albanian-American Entrepreneur Engjiz


When it comes to running any kind of business it is very important to know who your audience is. You need to know who your audience is in order to create the right product or service that will fit their needs and interests. Many companies struggle with figuring out their correct audience and it is all trial and error whether a certain audience likes what you’re selling. That is why there are professionals like Engjell Berisha who help companies and brands figure out who their audience is and how to target them correctly.

Who is Engjell Berisha?

Engjell Berisha is the founder of BlueEcom which is an Marketing agency that provides incredible results. Before Berisha started working with world-class companies, brands, celebrities, and influencers he was actually a full-time breakdancer. He started learning how to breakdance at a young age and he immediately loved it and started getting really good at it.

Engjell Berisha was so skilled at breakdancing that he actually landed a spot to be in the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”. After the show, he continued to practice his skills and eventually opened up his own studio where he was landing clients who would pay him 1,000 dollars an hour for lessons.  

Out of the blue, Engjell Berisha hurt his back and went to the hospital where the doctor told him that he wouldn’t be able to dance again. It was a harsh reality to face but Berisha knew he had to strive and prosper from the situation he was in.

How he created BlueEcom

So, Engjell Berisha started growing Instagram accounts and making money from that. They were pretty good at it and created a very successful plan that worked for growing multiple Instagram accounts. One day, Berisha had the opportunity to invest every last penny he had into a 10,000 dollar account but he knew the outcome would be great if he used the account properly. With that same account, he was able to grow other accounts from it faster and more efficiently. 

Fast forward to today and his company BlueEcom has a following of 220 million people and they have worked with many different celebrities and huge brands from all over the world. Engjell Berisha is able to create Instagram campaigns that reach millions of people that are well within the target range audience. Engjell Berisha knows how important it is to know your audience and to be able to target them. Even if you run multiple ads and are doing everything in your power to grow and land more clients, it will be impossible if you are targeting the wrong audience. 

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