How is “Badge” from Cryptonite creating value?

There has been a subsequent growth in the technology related to social media in the last decade. There has been much more contribution from the influencers and developers who dared to develop this space. It would be impossible to create social media without the active participation of influencers and developers. Many services are top-notch and world-class globally, but the problem is that they are less known to the world. 

Everyone in the world likes to be verified in some order or get involved in a particular group. This increases their value in society. The idea of authentication has been carried on from the past. The Badge foundation has a similar vision for the digital world. It provides an exclusive platform for influencers to showcase the power of these services by their influencing skills and popularity. It is a membership network that brings together investors, influencers, and blue badge creators worldwide. 

Why “Badge” from Cryptonite?

The Badge provides a brand value that is highly recognized worldwide. It is being developed by ‘Cryptonite,’ an invite-only global community of investors, influencers, and entrepreneurs leading the blockchain, Web3. 

Timothy Cook Draper and Anthony Perkins found the Badge project. Timothy Cook Draper is an American capital investor and founder of Draper University, Draper Venture Network, and more. He has invested infamous websites like Twitter, Coinbase, SpaceX, and Robinhood. 

Its popularity can be justified as the world’s largest exchange has first offered to list them on their exchange. Badge’s support coin is called Pome. It is a dog’s name that comes from Pomeranian. This shows the involvement of Shiba developers in the development of BadgeBadge. The Badge project is expected to become a Facebook-like platform that will become 10,000 times more valuable in the upcoming years.  

How is it creating value?

The influencer will get a badge from Cryptonite whose logo will be similar to the blue BadgeBadge. A blue mark is found next to the account holder’s name on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Badge from Cryptonite acts as a mark of recognition which will upgrade the influencers’ creditability. Influencers will hold their BadgeBadge free of cost on a semi-permanent basis when they introduce their BadgeBadge on social media sites. 

This BadgeBadge will also provide its holders with several benefits additionally. They will be provided Cryptonite’s token, i.e., the Badge Town, based on the influencer’s performance. It will act as a reward. It has members’ VIP services based on the number of badges they accumulate. They will also provide free first-class services from 5-star sponsors worldwide, including the United States, Dubai, and Singapore.

Billionaire and Business Tycoon Elon Musk is likely to invest in this project. Timothy Cook Draper has discussed this Badge Project with him, and there are a lot of talks that he is going to participate in the project. However, this Badge project will list on most of the exchanges in the future. We hope this project will create value as per its expectation. 


Aitcoin: The Beginning of a New Era in Digital Finance

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become increasingly important in the lives of people globally in recent years. It is no longer a passing trend; rather, it signals a clear trend toward a brighter future in which financial management is simpler, faster, and, most importantly, more transparent. Saying that is, however, easier than implementing it. Although there have been advances in how individual businesses use blockchain technology, an ecosystem that has fully accepted cryptocurrencies and digitalized banking has much more to look forward to.

Almost every blockchain-related organisation and institution shares this goal. In contrast, Aitcoin is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency. This blockchain-based, totally decentralised digital financial institution intends to increase the accessibility and versatility of cryptocurrency. Because it is based on the BEP-20 standard, Aitcoin is compatible with the great majority of Binance wallets. Aitcoin is on its way to adding features like sharding and proof of stake, which are becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency industry and are even being incorporated by market leaders like Ethereum, because it runs on the BSC network.

All parties involved will benefit from a more stable and dependable blockchain environment. Aitcoin’s mission is to make blockchain and cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone, especially newcomers and smaller financial institutions such as consumers and small businesses who are hesitant to use them owing to a lack of transactional security. Sellers and financial advocates, on the other hand, are constantly concerned about market volatility and unpredictability. Aitcoin aims to assist all stakeholders in the business by developing a more reliable and transparent platform for all.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will become more accessible to everyone, especially newcomers and smaller financial institutions like consumers and small enterprises who are hesitant to use them owing to a lack of transactional security. Sellers and financial advocates, on the other hand, are constantly concerned about market volatility and unpredictability. Aitcoin aims to assist all market participants by developing a more dependable and transparent platform for all.

Aitcoin intends to accomplish this by providing businesses who accept fiat cash with a comprehensive security system similar to that employed by other digitalized banking institutions such as Pay-Pal. AZY money is also fairly unique in terms of how it functions. This is due to the fact that, unlike Bitcoin, the amount of AZY has already been fixed, and no further mining will occur. The distribution of these 100% fair coins has also been determined, with 30% reserved for presale tokens and 25% reserved for staking. In terms of finances, 40% of the budget has been designated for product development, with the remaining 20% designated for marketing.

According to top business analysts, the cryptocurrency sector would be worth $5 trillion by 2025, accounting for around 4.14 percent of global GDP. El Salvador has recently declared Bitcoin legal tender. Many countries are attempting to develop a framework for dealing with and recognising cryptocurrencies. Many people believe that the metaverse is the way of the future, and that Aitcoin is an important part of it. With bated breath, about 300 million people have poured money into savings, investments, and foreign exchange instruments. Aitcoin aims to solve a number of current cryptocurrency issues.

The promise of decentralised apps has yet to be realised in this industry, which is still in its early stages. Aitcoin is well-positioned on the Binance Smart chain due to its unique DApp experiences. Aitcoin’s involvement with modern banking partners in seamless digital systems will provide users with an error-free experience. Aitcoin offers Staking, Farming, Ecommerce, Exchange, Digital Wallet, NextGen NFTs, and cross-chain transactions. Users will be able to spend their coins on the marketplace, exchange them on the Aitcoin Exchange, and store them in their wallets.

Aitcoin is a native crypto token of the BSC network, which is significantly faster and cheaper than the old Ethereum network. The transaction rate of BSC is 10,000 transactions per second. The most significant disadvantage of cryptocurrencies is their tremendous volatility, which is why many participants, especially small businesses and individuals, are wary of engaging in crypto transactions.

Aitcoin addresses this issue by providing high-quality security during coin purchases, shielding consumers from excessive volatility, lowering the dangers of utilising cryptocurrencies as a payment method, and enhancing seller profitability by providing a low-cost payment option. The BSC network’s sovereign blockchain ensures the safety and security of its users and developers. Tokens and cryptocurrencies are two of this technology’s most well-known applications.

Unlike Bitcoin, Aitcoin has a fixed number of coins, there is no additional mining, and all coins have already been created. A total of 2 billion Aitcoins will be available. 15 percent will be allocated to prizes and awards, 10% to the reserve fund, 13% to business promotions, 4% as a contingency, 10% to legal and regulatory, and 6% to partners and investors.

Aitcoin is one of the current pioneers in the development of a better blockchain environment.

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The future is digital, says Pierrick Jamaux whose venture ‘hi’ is changing the face of the financial world

The next-generation financial services platform which is not-for-profit and run on Blockchain is proving its worth.

People need to adapt to changes which take place drastically in today’s fast-paced world. “With digital technology hitting big time, it has become important for people to learn and get used to newer technological advances,” says Pierrick Jamaux who has introduced a unique financial services platform named ‘hi’ which is bound to throw traditional banking services off the track. Digital modernization is happening in every industry and is leading each to tremendous success according to Pierrick, who has emerged as the top digital entrepreneur specializing in financial services, blockchain technology to be precise.

All of 32, this committed entrepreneur has shown how accurate steps can spiral the financial industry’s growth to a large extent. He strongly feels that there’s a revolution about to take place in the form of cryptocurrencies and people should prepare themselves to embrace this futuristic technology which has the potential to take over the traditional transaction methods of age-old banking systems. The more people join the blockchain community, the better it is, says Pierrick, who has completely transformed the way people handle finances through banking by contributing to the creation of a unique ecosystem that serves its members with its financial services platform called ‘hi’. The conventional methods like paper money will no longer exist in the near future with cryptocurrencies taking charge is what he strongly believes, hence the need to gradually transition to blockchain is a must for everyone.

The innovative digipreneur feels that the traditional banking processes will no longer exist once digital currencies are adopted by a majority of the population. Now is the right time to think ahead of time and streamline your processes accordingly. “I wanted to change the perception of people around the financial space and that encouraged me to back ‘hi’ to make the much-needed change, which is definitely the future,” concludes Pierrick.

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Crypto Startup develops blockchain-based Neuromorphic Chips

The Munich-based company wants to change the crypto and AI scene. Since 2019, the startup has been working on a new type of technology that enables blockchain-based neuromorphic computing chips.

The technology surrounding the topic of neuromorphic networks has made many advances in recent years. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of research that the Munich-based company wants to carry out. Managing Director Michael Brandt explains: “We are working on a blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology”. This is intended to take advantage of the blockchain to create a better basis for the neuromorphic computing chips. These computer chips imitate the neurons of the brain and can therefore achieve very high computing power. Especially in ​​artificial intelligence, neuromorphic systems are used, but with the weak point of traceability and transparency. By implementing the blockchain, aims to significantly improve the AI ​​systems. Brandt says: “By integrating blockchain technology, the decisions of AI systems can be understood and have a disruptive effect in the long term”. The research team, consisting of 7 experienced experts, works on the technology every day and even hopes that a marketable prototype will be developed next year.

Changing the Neuromorphic Computing Market

The startup not only wants to advance technological developments, but also change the market for neuromorphic technology. For this purpose, a decentralized B2B marketplace application (DApp) is being developed, on which technology companies can exchange ideas and technologies and research results can be traded. On the platform, the companies should use the specially created token “NMP”. The smart contract based on the NMP token is stored decentrally and is used as the primary currency on the platform. In addition, a decentralized platform for supplier companies of neuromorphic hardware is to be developed. Suppliers are to be listed on the platform with quality reports and technology companies are to be made accessible.

Popular ICO and Government support

The initial coin offering of the startup ended at the end of May 2020. Almost a quarter of a million NMP tokens were sold and more than 1.5 million US dollars were raised. This result makes it clear that the research direction and the goals are accepted by the investors. The company is also hoping for active support from the Federal Republic of Germany. According to managing director Michael Brandt, applications have already been made and personal presentations have been held. If the Federal Republic of Germany supports the research initiative, the company can easily finance its activities for several years. More information about the company’s research can be found on