MuskMelon – The Funnest Newest Entrant in Gaming and NFTs!

The word of 2021 as per Collins Dictionary was NFTs and it took off massively in Q4 of 2021 and has been a buzz all around. An NFT – non-fungible token – is a digital asset that represents a real- world object like, for example, the Charlie Bit My Finger video that sold for £500,000 back in May 2021. Since then many NFTs have found exclusive utilities as a part of Games and the use of NFTs means players can be the sole owner of an in-game item, and then choose to trade, sell or hold it. The idea that players can earn money from a game is not new, but NFTs are more secure and flexible.

Binance Gaming NFT today has a total of 16 projects listed as of March 2022 with a total of USD 884Mn in Volume. The crypto/NFT gaming scene is buzzing right now, and you probably won’t be surprised to see “the metaverse” being tossed around absolutely everywhere. Blockchain technology is no longer vaporware drifting on the horizon of the video game industry. It’s here.

Musk Melon is the latest addition to the world of NFTs and Gaming with a glimpse of the purposeful contributions to the real world. The platform is seemingly launched as patronage to Elon Musk and is evident on the platform’s landing page, which shows Mr Musk in various avatars. At the onset itself, the project seems extremely exciting as it creates an environment of interaction with the Founder of SpaceX with a little more involved NFTs around his life. Melon is the Native currency, which can be used to purchase NFTs, In-Game assets, and even contribute to the Ukraine Relief Fund.

The project has quite an interesting storyline that describes MuskMelon which is created by a MultiBilionaire and Influencer who is currently on a rampage on the Economic and Emerging Technology Landscape. Melon has made a lot of people angry with his wavery mind, fickle attitude and unrealistic plans. People from around are now seeking revenge on Melon. Melon has created mini melons and distributed himself amongst various universes. Now people have picked up the Baton and are hunting Melon across these universes (MiniGames). People would be able to create their own Avatars of Melons across the world and space and even host them up on the NFT Marketplace for Auction, Bid or Sale.

With the initially disclosed roadmap being till Q2 of 2022, it seems the Project is planning an extensive penetrative strategy with what seems like an almost fair public sale of 10Bn Melons from which only 5Bn will be released initially at USD 0.05 launch price with the sale starting on Bitmart and XT soon. Seems like a very interesting approach to the world of real-world NFTs. Definitely worth putting it on the best projects to watch out for in 2022.


Bezlikiy: A mega influencer furnishing insight into pro player’s life

Bezlikiy’s innovative mind is going to uncover the gamer’s regular custom.

We have no shortage of gamers in the world. Some plainly play to pass their time while some are extremely devoted to it and spend every second of their day playing video games. One of the games which received a colossal amount of recognition from gamers was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game got popular within a week of its discharge and looks like it will capture more popularity with the emergence of a new reality show which is launched by a mega social media influencer baptized as Bezlikiy. This detailed piece of text will walk you through the reality show and its founder.

About the Reality show

It’s normal to encounter thousands and sometimes millions of viewers in the live streams of games. Viewers truly savor watching their ideal pro players killing the opponents using unique and fashionable tactics in the game. Moreover, they discover how to play like a pro from these legendary players. However, the struggle behind the live stream is invisible to the viewers.

Through this brand novel reality show which is aired on the Twitch platform ordinarily acknowledged for live streaming. The show will have some surprisingly prominent players of CS: GO in a house and they will stream live 24/7. Millions of fans around the globe can view the gameplay through this program and will conjecture what it demands to be an expert gamer.  CS: GO has millions of players, making it shine in the top 10 in the Commonwealth of Independent States and ranks at 170th spot in online games worldwide.

About Bezlikiy

Bezlikiy is a Russian Instagram influencer who has approximately 2 million followers. On seeing the potential of e-sports and its notoriety among people, his mind clicked with this inventive idea of introducing a show where people can observe the adept players 24/7 and their way of living. With such a move, he’s on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur as well.

Wrapping Up

To create more interest and inclination towards esports, Bezlikiy has initiated such a project. He requires people to seize an acumen into online sports and entertain more.

Connect with him today via