“Poori” Famous new rapper on Iran and Turkey scene

The self-made rapper and singer, who is known in the world of entertainment and music, has achieved great success by releasing more than 20 tracks.

Pooria Bashari A.k.a Poori or Godpoori is a new phenomenon of the Iranian-Turkish hip hop scene that has been able to impress a large audience in recent years and attract the attention of many people,
He has been streamed more than a million times on music platforms, he has managed to get his signature on his songs.

He has been able to produce energetic music in the genres of trap and drill and inspired by the crimes of the city he lives in and combining it with the music of world.He has created a style for himself that no one before him has been able to do.

His music, which is ideal for sports clubs and while driving ,has been able to spread quickly in the community.Among poori’s positive points,we can mention his taste in creating visual content with the help of his best friend “Akio”, who is the director and editor of his visual works (who met in 2017).

He was able to share his works in the largest media in a short time.For example, we can mention the YouTube channel of Sony Music Turkey with +500k followers and sony’s Instagram page.

Their works, which have been viewed by thousands or millions on platforms and social media, have able to attract the attention of many critics.

His Instagram address page is: @Godpoori

He recently released an album called “پ”, this album introduced a new wave in the rap scene of Iran and Turkey.


Kevin Von James one of the great singer in the music industry

Kevin Von James is a legendary singer, blogger, YouTuber, and a great social media influencer. He is one of the great singers in the music industry. He has boundless performing skills in every show and stage which is so interesting. His vocal range is remarkable. He sets numerous brilliant performances with his fabulous vocal kills. 

Kevin Von James wins millions of hearts universally by having great knowledge about vocal range. He has an exclusive vocal talent that can make a sharp future for him. He earned fame with the success of his first single ‘Venus to Fly’. He confronted several difficulties in his life from the start of his career. His exemplary singing skills became a massive successor for him which makes him the biggest sensation. 

His personality is greatly motivating several hopeful singers to succeed in the music industry as well. He is one of the brilliant vocalists with additional abilities like blogging, social media influencing, and uploading Interesting videos on YouTube. 

His commitment and enthusiasm towards singing mark him unique from others. He makes concerned about music since his childhood. He is an energetic and encouraging character in the music industry. Kevin Von James is a flexible artist; he is well-known for his consistent skills in singing. He marks his name from the list of motivating people as well. 

Kevin Von James has an endless singing ability with prodigious boldness and efficiency. He has a decent tone and has all information about this field. He recognizes his vocal range much better with decent melodic phrasing. He is a well-known growing performer of his generation, the song never goes out of tune, he sings in numerous vocal shades. This superiority of him makes him irreplaceable and ideal. His songs are classic, more relaxed, and calming to listen to any songs.

He has a vocal sound with no filter, and his creative voice is sufficient to make anybody silly and insane. He became an abundant singer with his solid effort and struggles. Kevin Von James displays that there is no time limit for learning singing; he is a prodigious learner with additional talents of self-confidence and self-control. 

He is a perfect and epitome example for those who just starting their hopeful profession in singing because he is an inspiration for many people. Besides singing, he also holds a lot of works like blogging, YouTube, social media. He is an all-rounder and multi-task-performing personality. Without any further confusion, he is one of the finest singers who gains millions of hearts and receives too much fan following on his own. 

IG: @kevinvonjames        Spotify @kevinvonjames


Saloma : Google Doodle honors Singaporean-Malaysian actor, singer, and fashion icon best known as Saloma

The present Doodle commends the beloved Singaporean-Malaysian actor, singer, and fashion icon best known as Saloma.

A trailblazer of Malaysian entertainment from the last part of the ’50s through the mid ’80s, Saloma recorded more than 500 tunes, and through her charismatic film work she prepared for people in the future of female entertainers in her nation.

On this day in 1978, she impacted the world forever when she was granted Malaysia’s first Biduanita Negara (National Songbird) by the Malaysian legislature of the time.

Saloma was born Salmah Ismail in Singapore on January 22, 1932, and first began to investigate her abilities as a singer at only seven years of age.

By her high school years, she started to sing expertly, beginning her music profession through exhibitions at dance club and weddings.

When Saloma progressed to acting by the mid ’50s, she immediately turned into a superstar figure.

In 1961, she wedded individual multi-hyphenate diversion symbol P. Ramlee, and throughout the long term that followed, the incredible force couple perpetually modified Malaysian amusement through music and film.

Sporting her particular coiffed haircut and matchless dress (a lot of which she sewed herself), Saloma featured in motion pictures all through the ’60s and delivered collections for an amazing remainder.

Thank you, Saloma, for utilizing your masterful endowments to rouse ladies in Malaysia and past to act naturally.


Google celebrates Oscar-winning Canadian-American stage and screen actress, comedian, and singer Marie Dressler’s 152nd Birthday with doodle

The present Doodle praises the 152nd birthday of Oscar-winning Canadian-American stage and screen actress, comedian, and singer Marie Dressler, who is generally viewed as one of the main entertainers of mid 1930s film.

With her particular style of rambunctious droll humor, Dressler moved generalizations to get one of Hollywood’s most eccentric stars.

Marie Dressler was born Leila Marie Koerber on this day in 1868 in Cobourg, a Canadian town on the shore of Lake Ontario.

She started acting with stock organizations by the age of 14. Throughout the next years, Dressler exhibited her comedic cleaves in vaudeville, vaudeville, and revue exhibitions and climbed from neighborhood theater right to Broadway musicals.

By 1896, Dressler was a confirmed theater marvel. She arrived at the peak of her stage profession in the 1910 Broadway hit “Tillie’s Nightmare,” which was adjusted for the big screen four years after the fact.

The outcome was the first-historically speaking full length parody film “Tillie’s Punctured Romance”— a monstrous film industry hit in which Dressler co-featured close by a youthful Charlie Chaplin.

Dressler’s rich stage voice demonstrated an ideal fit for the “talkie” films that tagged along in the last part of the ’20s. She conveyed a show-taking execution in the 1930 dramatization “Anna Christie,” and the next year, her ability was perceived at the most significant level when she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her function in the 1930 film “Min and Bill.”

Happy birthday to an amazing star whose ability and humor knew no limits.


Miliki: Google Doodle Celebrates Spanish clown, actor, director, singer and composer’s 91st Birthday

The present Doodle, shown by Spain-based guest artist Cinta Arribas, celebrates Spanish clown, actor, director, writer, singer, and composer Emilio Aragón Bermúdez, known fondly by his stage name Miliki.

Among his numerous imaginative achievements, Aragón featured in the Spanish youngsters’ program show “El Gran Circo de TVE” (“TVE’s Great Circus”) which is broadly viewed as one of most notable shows throughout the entire existence of Spanish TV.

Emilio Alberto Aragón Bermúdez was born on this day in 1929 in the town of Carmona in southwestern Spain. The child of a jokester and an equestrian aerobatic exhibition master, Aragón sharpened his ability for execution workmanship as a kid encompassed by performers.

Resolved to carry on the family custom, Aragón dispatched his fooling vocation by the age of 11, performing with his siblings at settings like Madrid’s incredible Circo (Price Circus).

The kin moved to Cuba during the 1940s and accomplished distinction throughout the next a long time as they displayed their charming gifts over the Americas.

They discovered their way back to Spain in 1972 and the following year, they overwhelmed Spanish TV as the hosts of the kids’ show which in the end got known as “El Gran Circo de TVE.”

Following a gigantically fruitful decade on air, Aragón moved past his way of life as a comedian and all through the remainder of profession investigated new undertakings as an author, TV moderator, producer, and recording artist—an ability which procured him two Latin Grammy Awards.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Miliki!


Tarun Rao:- Meet Tarun rao, who is full of extraordinary talent

As we are aware that the present day genration has become very different, everyone wants to do something different in their life.Today we are going to talk about “Tarun Rao” , who is the founder of “The Royal”.Tarun Rao, an individual who thinks about cricket as his affection, since youth he jumps at the chance to play cricket.They accept that there is next to no possibility throughout everyday life, except at whatever point you get an opportunity, don’t let go. He is always ready to prove himself. He is only 17 years of age , thus much ability at such a youthful age is seen in not many people.He has his own YouTube channel named “The Royal” to which he puts generally marvellous content. He has learned everything in his life by himself. Both his parents always inspire him. He always says that “My parents plays a very important role in my life”. He believe that life is too short to do whatever you want to achieve in this life. In modern times, people who think like this are very few, this extreme love towards their passion is very less nowadays. They win everyone’s heart with their singing and make everyone their fan with their batting. Tarun is making his identity with his hardwork. He has positive attitude towards his work. We hope that He reach his dream and make a name for themselves in this world.

Aside from gravity.. Nothing in life can keep me down.
– Tarun Rao