Teamwork is Key to Scaling any Business Days YouTube Sensation Kody White

In today’s digital age, young entrepreneurs are offered a plethora of options to build a strong online business. Because of the mercurial nature of media, entrepreneurs who plan and go all in are the ones most likely to succeed. Kody White is one of those people who put everything into his YouTube business. Because of his efforts, White has managed to scale his revenue to seven digits. He shares how he built a successful team and how others can do the same.

Kody White has taken a different approach to the YouTube route. White started a few cash cow channels, and after some time and a lot of effort, one of them took off. Eventually, White discovered a new strategy called Faceless YouTube monetization channels. Instead of creating videos himself, he hired people to produce videos for him. By doing this, White was able to scale his business faster, developing around 20 cash cow channels. Dividing up the work allowed his employees to work to their strengths and produce excellent quality content. His YouTube channels scaled quickly, bringing him seven figures in revenue. In 2019, White created YTMoney to help budding entrepreneurs find success on YouTube. White did not receive much support when he started his YouTube business, and he wants to make sure that others have the right information to build a profitable YouTube business. 

Kody White is a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Arizona. During high school, White worked at Taco Bell. During this time, he realized that the typical 9-5 career was not what he wanted. He started to look for opportunities that would allow him more flexibility and creativity. White was able to find both in the YouTube world. Today, White’s YouTube business has scaled to USD 100k per month.

For those seeking to get into the digital media market, Kody White is a go-to resource. He provides high-quality training and resources for entrepreneurs to learn from and grow their businesses. His YTMoney course is a valuable tool when starting a YouTube business, and his desire to see others profit has benefited many.