Tesla veteran and trucking chief leaves an organization

Long-time Tesla Inc executive Jerome Guillen, who managed its Semi electric trucks scheduled to be launched for this present year, has left the organization, Tesla said on Monday, scarcely three months after taking over the role.

Guillen, who has been with the organization for longer than 10 years since beginning as a Model S program director in 2010, administered Tesla’s whole vehicles business prior to being named president of the Tesla Heavy Trucking unit in March. He was one of Tesla’s top four leadership members, including CEO Elon Musk.

Dan Levy, a Credit-Suisse examiner said in a note the departure is “negative given Guillen previously viewed as central to Tesla” as he was “arguably key in stabilizing auto biz post Model 3 launch” in 2017.

Tesla is yet to start delivering its battery-powered Semi electric commercial truck, with Musk saying lately that battery cell supply constraints could postpone its mass production to 2022.

Musk likewise said in January that Tesla would have the option to produce the Semi when its new 4680 cells could be created in volume, alleviating a battery deficiency.

Separately, Musk said on Sunday that Tesla has canceled its longest-range Model S Plaid+, which would utilize 4680 cells and whose production had been deferred to one year from now.

“They made a big deal about 4680 … we are just upset the first (car with) 4680 apparently was abruptly canceled. This just raises more questions that they need to address,” Louis Navellier, chief investment officer at Navellier, said.

Tesla shares fell 0.7% in after market trading.

Guillen was one of a couple of long-serving executives at Tesla, which is known for the high turnover rate of its executives.

RJ Johnson, who headed Tesla’s Energy activities to sell solar and energy storage products, left the organization after under two years, as indicated by his LinkedIn profile. He moved to startup Stealth Mode.

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