The Impact of The RV Podcast

You’ve seen similar podcasts before, so why should you be considering The Relatable Voice (RV Podcast) as a new author or creator that is trying to get the word out?  If you’re feeling apprehensive, it’s totally understandable.  However, this podcast is going to be a step above the competition because the core reason why it exists in the first place, is to help you get your name out there in connection with your work that you’ve worked so hard to create.

The Relatable Voice, Founder & Host – Lucia Matuonto

What the RV podcast is all about?

There are so few podcasts that are advertised as being specifically for authors, and this is something that RV aims to fix, from the ground up!  Firstly, this podcast is created by someone who feels the pain.  New authors very rarely have the chance to get online and talk about their story or book, and this means that the word doesn’t get out there. The Relatable Voice is created just for that opportunity, no matter how little or how large your fan base is, no matter where that fan base is located.

RV aims to spread the word about authors of all kinds to anyone who wants to hear about it.  This is done through engaging conversation through the RV podcast as well as the other goodies included when you join the RV family!  

How RV works to accomplish its goal?

Not only does RV promise to welcome all kinds of authors, it also delivers on that promise and takes it even further.  On top of being featured and advertised through the RV podcast, you’ll also be able to use our recent, long-awaited partnership with BrandEducation.  This is an eZine that is going to publish articles and links for the podcast in order to help get your name and message out even further.

Another feature of RV is that we also publish our guests’ content on a High Domain Authority (DA50+) platform, WorldAuthors.Org.  This is a dedicated domain that is exclusively working with authors worldwide.  The digital marketing manager for this organization works tirelessly to get SEO working in your favour and help you get that presence around the world that you have worked so hard for.   

RV also works in collaboration with that effort to push your content to as many people as possible through diverse social media networks.  This includes all of your favourite platforms, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard, and Daily Hunt.

As a final goodie, you’ll have our assurance that all of the SEO work is going to be done by focused, educated professionals that will only give you organic ratings, instead of dipping down into the grey area and using fake bots and other not-so-great practices.

Our aim is your success

No matter who you are in the world of authors, or what you want to achieve, RV is at your side with experience, passion, interest, and motivation to help you reach your audience.  We hope that you will consider being a part of the RV family.  While not all podcasts may want to help you in every way they can, we are certainly going to do whatever we can to help you find your readers!

To know more about “The Relatable Voice” visit or you can connect with The Relatable Voice Host & Founder Lucia on Instagram: @luciamatuontoauthor, Twitter: @luciamatuontoauthor or Facebook page: @Zoethecrab