The network marketing industry has a new name, who’s taking it to a new high – Nazakat Hussain


After going through a series of businesses, he finally settled for network marketing and made it an explosive proposition in no time.

The entrepreneurial world has seen many high-fliers who have astonished all with their undying spirit of achieving the impossible. These brilliant and passionate individuals have trodden the toughest of paths to reach a commanding position from where they call the shots. They have achieved a considerable amount of success within no time and proved themselves by making big in their respective careers. When we talk about such young achievers, one name that strikes our minds is that of Nazakat Hussain, whose passion has got him to the forefront of the network marketing industry.

All of 21, and raring to go, he has managed to carve his own distinct niche in this ever evolving industry which gives extraordinary results for those who passionately follow it. When many his age are still trying to figure out what to do in their lives, he’s gone ahead and successfully created a career which has taken him to astounding heights of success. He says that the network marketing industry is competitive and has its own pros and cons, but if one dwells deep into it and grasps it’s working to the roots, it can give fabulous results.

Before he stepped into the network marketing industry, he tried his hands at several businesses, which included running a taxi company, a clothes store to a transport firm along with his brothers. He had a good deal of experience behind him, which helped him shape up his career going forward. He truly believes that one should never stop learning as it’s an ongoing process, no matter how experienced you are in your respective careers, you should always keep updating yourself and that’s what helps you in your way to the top.

Nazakat stepped into the network marketing field with the help of a friend who introduced him to this lucrative industry. Presently, Nazakat is quite impressive in his line of work, having earned over $100K in his first year of jumping into this space. He is now working with “Omega Pro”, and holds the Diamond Rank, with figures touching as high as 400k a month. He’s grown into a seasoned network marketer ready to take on the world with his talent and passion to make it big.

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