The steps to utilize split screen mode on your Android cell phone

Need to watch Netflix while you’re browsing your email? Turn on the split-screen mode on your Android cell phone.

There are times when you need to run (at least two) applications simultaneously on your cell phone. Rather than bouncing to and fro between applications, Android has a worked in part screen mode that lets you see two applications one next to the other on your screen. The split-screen mode proves to be useful when you scanning for an item on Amazon while browsing email or viewing a YouTube video while looking for a location on Google Maps. On the off chance that, you at any point needed to run two applications at the same time on your telephone, how to enact split-screen and how to deactivate it.

The steps to utilize Spit screen on your Android cell phone

Before you run applications simultaneously on your gadget, remember that not all applications can be run in split-screen mode. Applications like Chrome and YouTube bolsters split-screen mode, while portable games and Facebook Messenger don’t bolster it.

* Once you make sense of the application you wish to use in split-screen, tap and hang on that application to open a menu. You will see a rundown of alternatives in the dropdown menu, click on Split Screen.

* From your home screen, go to the Apps menu and select any application of your decision.

* Your first application will be shown at the head of the screen. Presently pick the second application you might want use in split-screen mode at the base of the screen.

When the split-screen mode is empowered, you will see that the two applications are isolated by the dark line. Simply slide it up or down to resize the applications.

Steps to turn off Split screen on your Android cell phone

While the split-screen mode or multi-window comes handly, you would not have any desire to utilize it constantly. There is an approach to kill the split-screen mode on your gadget. The most ideal approach to end the split-screen window is by long-tapping the center dark bar partitioning the two screens. This strategy will naturally close the auxiliary application at the base of the screen.

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