The top young entrepreneur and distinguished young Iranian manager, Hassan Ali Baghbanian talk

Our vision is to create more than 2,500 new job vacancies by the end of 2020

The top and young entrepreneur of the country said: with the studies and planning done so far, entrepreneurship, reducing social harms, supporting domestic producers, and increasing the level of awareness of compatriots is on the agenda in separate phases.

According to ISNA and Hamkadeh, Hassan Baghban, the top entrepreneur and selected manager of the country’s young model, said: “Considering this year’s naming as production rate boosting and the continuation of the economic war strategy, creating job opportunities for the country’s youth is still a priority.”

He added: “In this regard, and to reduce social harms, one of the largest and most reputable telephone psychology counseling centers in the country named Hamkadeh has been established and set up by obtaining all necessary licenses from competent authorities, which has so far been able to work directly with people qualified by a master and doctoral degrees in various fields of psychology.

Hassan Baghbanian pointed out that in addition to creating employment, the mission of the community is to help reduce social harms and answer the questions of compatriots in various fields of psychology, besides the social and psychological counseling services, he added: The purpose is to implement social harm prevention projects with the participation of relevant institutions.

This young entrepreneur announced that the easiest way to communicate with this center is the SMS system 20005555 and visiting the website “”: providing premarital, family issues including divorce and infidelity, addiction, depression, and academic counseling in addition to increasing and improving the level of awareness of families lead to mental health, freshness, and vitality of the soul, strengthening the family foundation, improving educational and professional levels, solving sexual weaknesses, reducing family problems and marital issues and upbringing children will ultimately lead to the satisfaction and stability of the family foundation and the mental health of the community.

The selected young manager of the country in 2017, at the end of the presenting of a fully functional and special software program that will be unrivaled in the Middle East, added: The details about this special software, on the day of its unveiling, will be held with the participation of invited media and in the presence of state officials.

He was satisfied with the fact that this software, after its operation and official start-up, in addition to creating employment, will create a new wave of increasing the level of knowledge and information of each family in its related field.

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