Today we are here with Mr. Leonar Mardirosian to examine how the income of the singers is done

To answer this question, it is better to first know where the readers’ income comes from?

Until about 1385 and until the 80’s, the income of the singers was mainly provided from the sale of the album, that is, by producing a number of music and music works in a different style or atmosphere, the singers played the produced music as a new album. And in each decade and time this album was played separately. But after the 70’s, with the advancement of technology and the creation of conditions in society and the development of home and machine players, and due to the improvement of quality, people turned to CD players and DVD players, which naturally, readers also to their works. They burned and played CDs and DVDs, and the readers’ income came from the sale of cassettes and CDs of their works.

Of course, it goes without saying that not all of the singers’ income was for themselves.

And sometimes due to the lack of public acceptance of the albums or the singer or other reasons, the works were not bought by the people and the singer had to pay the costs of production and reproduction in person, but after the mid 80s and 90s due to technology development And the Internet and the public access to the Internet and the increase in the number of music sites of singers turned to this direction and made their works available to the public for free or for money.

But the reason for playing music for free from song download sites was because the way the singers earned money had changed.

In fact, the singers played their songs for free from song download sites such as Melozic to be easier to recognize and hear, to keep the audience happy, and to earn a living by holding concerts to this day. This trend has been welcomed by the people.

What is the role of music companies in this?

Since a license is required to hold concerts and to produce and play music, and the process of obtaining a license from the Organization of Islamic Culture and Guidance is difficult and lengthy, singers are placed with music companies to better focus on their work and produce quality songs. They contract the licensing process with the company, and in return pay the music company a percentage of the concert proceeds.

For example, the good and popular singer of our country, Aaron Afshar, has signed a contract with Ova Forouhar Company and is cooperating with that company under the artistic management of Moin Rahbar.