Today’s trending news is Newsopreneur and its founder Harsh Vardhan

Today we bring to you a budding young businessman from India. He is Harsh Vardhan Sharma who started this venture from his room in the early months of the pandemic. His venture is called Newsopreneur and has more than 130,000 followers. Newsopreneur is taken from the words “News” “Entrepreneur” which means news of entrepreneurs.

He believes that the way entrepreneurs see the world is different and if wanted to give that “entrepreneur eye” to the world. This eye would help change their lives forever. This page gives you an infographic with the news in every post. The difference between Newsopreneur and other news pages is the way information is handled and presented. In the caption for every post, there is a detailed and easy to comprehend explanation of it with a concluding lesson at the end. The page was started by a 17 years old teen as an experiment for his book “100k followers in 100 days” and has well over 130k followers in just a year. Given the fact that Harsh is a Gen-Z kid and still very young in a business field of experienced stakeholders. But defying all odds he has generated sales of over $100 million for his clients just by “observing what others ignored”. Newsopreneur is all set to go global and also working on a user-friendly app as well.

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