Twitter Blue subscription presently carried out in the US with undo button, custom app icons, more

After this current story’s been published, Twitter reported Twitter Blue is presently accessible in the US and New Zealand.

It’s been five months since Twitter launched Twitter Blue for Canada and Australia. Presently, the subscription feature is at last accessible in the US, as indicated by a lot of platform users.

For $2.99, Twitter Blue subscribers can unlock extra functionality including the ability to undo a just-sent tweet (not exactly the edit button that everybody wants), and access to new theming and bookmarking features.

The headline feature here is Undo Send, even though it doesn’t work like since a long-requested edit button. Instead, clients set a break as long as 30 seconds. At the point when the client creates a tweet, it will not show up in the timetable until the timeout expires. While the timer ticks down, you can press a button to cancel the send altogether.

Twitter Blue subscribers can likewise get to some extra customization and theming options for the Twitter app. This incorporates the ability to set a custom app icon and change the accent color of the general Twitter UI. Twitter Blue clients additionally get priority access to Twitter Support.

At this point, the organization hasn’t made a public declaration about the subscription showing up in the US, yet numerous clients, including Parker Ortolani, had the option to subscribe to the service.

Recently, developer Nima Owji shared every one of the features available for iOS, Android, and web clients that are subscribed Twitter Blue. Here it is:

Undo Tweet: available to iOS, Android, and web users
Ad-free articles: available to iOS and web clients
Thread Viewer: available to iOS, Android, and web clients
Bookmark Folders: available to iOS and Android clients
App icons: available to iOS and Android clients
Upload longer videos: available to web users only
Top Articles: available to iOS and web clients
Custom navigation: available to iOS clients
App Theme: available to iOS clients
Pinned discussions: available to iOS clients

US users can subscribe Twitter Blue using the iOS app and opening the menu section. It’s hazy if this feature is carried out to more countries or when.