USPS mail trucks will highlight Ford power

The impending Next-Generation Delivery Vehicle, otherwise known as, the United States Postal Office’s new mail trucks will be Built Ford Tough somely. Ford said on Wednesday the new mail vehicles will highlight engines and electric vehicle powertrains from the Blue Oval. Reuters first detailed the news Tuesday.

The automaker affirmed with Roadshow it will be the sole supplier of powertrains for the new USPS mail trucks, which Oshkosh will work in South Carolina. In a proclamation, Doug Chase, Ford Component Sales, said, “Ford is proud to provide Oshkosh Defense with key parts for both the battery electric and internal combustion engine versions of the US Postal Service’s Next Generation Delivery Vehicle, including the engine and transmission which will be built in Michigan, plus suspensions and other components to help the USPS continue to deliver for the American people for years to come.”

Ford declined to comment further when asked for specifics on which engines and EV powertrains it anticipated the mail trucks. Taking all things together, however, the Ford tie isn’t especially shocking. Oshkosh’s proposal for the new USPS delivery vehicle began life as an altered Ford Transit. What stays uncertain is in the event that we’ll see most of these new mail carriers flip to electric propulsion as Congress attempts to grant the USPS more funds to do as such.

Oshkosh on Tuesday reported it will contribute to make a new factory for the USPS vehicle production, at last capping the mult-year-long search the USPS led. The new vehicle will supplant the Grumman LLV, which is far past its prime. Production of the vehicle will begin in 2023.

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