Utkarsh Piyush – young digital marketer


Nowadays, we are surrounded by sources like the internet, which provides most of the information and data, entertainment, etc with worldwide outreach easily anytime, at any place. We are heading through such an era, where the internet is playing one of the major and powerful roles with the paving some stepping stones in the journey, like coding, communicating to huge public etc just at one click, which is creating a new revolution. One such Revolutionary stepping stone is digital marketing.

Utkarsh Piyush, a young entrepreneur from Bihar, India; is a new marketing expert who is giving a worldwide competition in digital marketing

Utkarsh is the seeker, observer, and opportunist from his childhood. He loves to explore himself in every possible way. The attitude for exploration of himself led him to give try at management, sports, internet marketing, and many more in addition to his studies. As most of the youth of our country, he is too fond of cricket and he plays the role of an all-rounder in the team. He has an amazing urge for learning new skills. This was his urge and habit of exploration, that took him to the amazing world of digital marketing at a very young age when he was in his early 15. Then after, he started dedicating his time in this very new world and found that it could be his career option, so he didn’t take the opportunity for granted and started working on it, with himself without any course just by learning the procedure at the internet and applying it in a very real situation. In fact, he has achieved his skills and knowledge practically i.e. by using the known skills, learning from the mistakes, and improving his skills at a regular basis.

That’s how the young entrepreneur heart-shaped his journey to build his own company names the Guru media at the age of 17. To the company, he had a word for mini Baytown celebs companies individuals, etc in marketing at digital medium. Through the company the young entrepreneur company, the Gurumedia provides website creation, Instagram management ‘ YouTube marketing, graphic designing.

The hard and dedicated work had built Utkarsh Piyush, as the expert where he is now. At such a young age the boy became the support of his family( by letting them free through a few of their liability regarding him )and who is still studying, inspires many youths. Utkarsh believes that ‘Practical Knowledge is one of the efficient ways of gaining Knowledge’.

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