Vishal Dilip Bhujbal, a man who walks the path of selflessness to help people in need:

Coming from Maharashtra Pune’s Narayongaon village, Vishal has set an example for the current generation with his work towards the betterment of society. He is among the very few people who have put other’s needs before theirs, devoting his entire life to help people in need of financial aid. After completing formal education, like most people, Vishal took up a mundane job. But he was always destined for bigger things. Then he met Bhaiyyuji Maharaj, the man who was about to change his life. Such was the impact of Bhaiyyuji Maharaj’s work for the people that he decided to become a social activist to help people in need and contribute to the development of society.

Recently Vishal was picked for the Chakradharpur Divisional railway advisory committee of Indian Railways. Chakradharpur is a city with a municipality in the western Singhbhum District in the state of Jharkhand, India. In what is one of the busiest routes in Jharkhand, Chakradharpur is a major part of the South Eastern Railway and is one of the biggest mining hubs of our country. It acts as a source of income for a myriad of people. But even after it is one of the busiest routes under South Eastern Railway, it has its share of problems. Be it railway track widening, land acquisition or countless other issues. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed by Vishal. He is quite committed to solving these issues in the near future.
Over the last few years, Vishal Bhujbal has put his heart and soul into collecting funds for projects to address the various issues people face. He is usually the only representation of the voice of the people in policy meetings with senior officers but it doesn’t bother him. Serving people has always been Vishal’s topmost priority and he will keep on expressing his views to make better policy decisions as he understands the significance the station holds in the lives of many people.
Through his work for society, he has been winning quite the plaudits in recent times. In 2020, Vishal was felicitated with the prestigious “National Youth Icon 2020” award at Delhi by Shree.Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre,Ji currently a presiding minister under the government of India for his immense work for the people. Presently, Vishal Dilip Bhujbal is looking forward to hearing out more problems raised by the passengers and is determined to restore the stations to their sanitized and aesthetic best. He also hopes that one day the stations get equipped with environmentally friendly renewable energy sources.

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