Want an Ecommerce Website?

Want to Digitally Market?

Letsbiz Now offers a complete Solution to all your businesses digital needs.

Letsbiz being the leader of the marketplace apps located in Ahmedabad, have now started a digital marketing & website service firm, where they are offering Ecommerce website creations & digital marketing services at the best prices.

They have their in-house team of developers, designers, Photographers & Content writers to help businesses grow their business online focusing on the lead generations.

Letsbiz allows you to browse products online from your nearby stores and then gives you discounts and offers on shopping offline from your local stores.

Founder Harsh Sevani observed that in the 21st Century we are missing the feel of offline shopping because of the internet and along with that the retail businesses suffer too.

So he thought ‘Why do we prefer Online shopping?’, the first answer that came to his mind was CONVENIENCE and second was DISCOUNTS and OFFERS.

And both were not possible in the offline market. So what he did was, he combined the best of both the worlds and founded LETSBIZ.

How Letsbiz solves this problem?

Letsbiz is a mobile application that allows the Business owners to show their products with Photos, Price and Description. They can also give Offers and Discounts on the app itself.

Businesses will have their own Profile which will contain their contact information i.e. Phone number, email address and their physical shop address too. Along with this the profile also contains Shop images, rating and reviews from Customers and all of this for FREE.

Customers can browse the products from their nearby local stores with the convenience of the internet and then can either contact the Seller directly or chat with them on the inbuilt message feature or can directly visit their shop and buy those products.

The customers will also get exclusive discounts and offers on the Letsbiz app, not only for local shops but also for big brands.

The best thing about Letsbiz is that it is User friendly, for both types of users viz. Sellers and Buyers as the App is completely free to use and charges no commission from both sides.

Founder Harsh Sevani says, “The reason the app is completely free to use is, Our motive is to make the local businesses independent and free from the commission trap of these big e-commerce websites and give customers the convenience of shopping from their local stores with benefits of offers.”

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