WeIN is an exquisite and affordable Indian online clothing platform that is 100% made in India


Touted as an alternative to SHEIN, WeIN is all set to launch by mid-August in India. 

With the emergence of “Make in India” and “Vocal for Local” campaigns by the Indian government to boost Indian manufactured goods and products, many new start-ups have begun in the country. It has made the people of India take steps in lieu to become self-sufficient. The clothing – apparel industry, particularly the e-commerce fashion sector has boomed during the recent pandemic and many start-ups are debuting in this sector. One such company is soon getting launched which is touted as an alternative to SHEIN in India. The company is called WeIN, which is an online clothing platform and 100 percent made in India product.

WeIN is a company that has come into existence after a lot of research, people’s mentality of buying online, choices of styles, etc. The company took advantage of the government’s amazing initiatives and came up with an idea that can penetrate the Indian market and help create its brand. WeIN is an Indian clothing line that strives to redefine the fashion sector of India. WeIN was established with the vision of affordable fashion for each and every one in India. WeIN acknowledges the size liberty and also has a dedicated section for people who want plus-sized clothes; the section is called PLUS FOR US, Embrace Your Curves – with sizes ranging till XXL. Not just that it would also offer apparel to men as well, however the focus would be more on women clothing line as of now.

Another purpose of WeIN is to provide doorstep delivery of clothes as against the idea of opening a traditional physical shop. To maintain the social distancing measures, online shopping has witnessed a spike and WeIn wants to encourage that culture in India, as everything is on paper. It helps cut the company’s incidents like loss, theft, etc. WeIN is set to be launched in mid-August of this year and has already garnered interest on various social media platforms. The company will be providing bonus points to its loyal customers. With WeIN not only the Indian fashion sector gets a boost, but it will also heighten employment in the country.

WeIN’s exquisite clothing and creative styles are a hit even before its release. To keep updated about WeIN, check out their Instagram handle and shower them with some love on – https://www.instagram.com/Weinofficial/.

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